7 Interesting Things About Amanee

First published February 7, 2017

2017 is about taking chances, chasing my dreams, and accomplishing my goals...

I'm excited about all the opportunities that 2017 will bring!  

This is the perfect opportunity to take some time to introduce myself to you so you’ll know more about me as you follow me along this blogging journey.

So here you go…7 Interesting Things about Amanee!

  1. I’m new-ish to Cincinnati.  I relocated to Cincinnati from Alabama with my husband about two and a half years ago, but I do have roots here.  My mom is an Ohioan.  In fact, my grandparents live in the Lima area meaning that I’ve been traveling up and down I-75 since I can remember.  Yet, I'm still a southerner through and through who enjoys a good football game and some cold sweet tea.
  2. I’ve been married to my college sweetheart for 3 years.  We’ve been together since 2005 and met at Tuskegee University, where we both majored in engineering.  When we moved to Cinci, we decided to purchase a house that we could really make our own.  We (or rather I) spend our free time coming up with elaborate DIY projects to make our house a cozy home.  We believe we can do absolutely anything together!  He's my biggest champion.
  3. Sports are a MUST for my family.  Sports are kind of OUR THING.  Any given day of the week, you can find my husband and me watching football or basketball or tennis.  I love my Alabama football, Golden State Warriors, and everything Serena Williams.  ROLL TIDE!  DUB NATION!
  4. Not only am I from Alabama, but I grew up on a farm.  Yes, a farm in the middle of nowhere Alabama.  Some people wonder how I developed my unique style growing up in an area that was so isolated.  I did this through countless hours of flipping through my mom’s fashion magazines. Vogue. Elle. Harper’s Bazaar. I still have this habit today, and although printed magazines are “dated” I collect the September Issue of Vogue every year.
  5. I’m an engineer and a doctor.  Well I have PhD in engineering from University of Alabama - Birmingham, so technically that makes me a doctor.  It’s honestly one of hardest things I’ve ever done until I started my own event planning + design firm.  While in grad school, I made a promise to myself that after I finished that goal I would tackle the next—Exquisite Events.

  6. I’m a creative, and I love DIY. I’ve been an artist since an early age having trained in the arts: painting, sketching, sculpting, and music.  I‘ve also always loved gardening and then making floral arrangements with the fruits of my labors. My love for DIY and planning my own wedding including doing my own décor and floral design led me to form Exquisite Events.
  7. I'm very introverted.  At least I think so, but most people don’t.  I’ve preferred to mostly be alone and keep my personal life private with very little social media engagement until now, but heck it’s 2017.  Why not share more?!  In 2017, I’m all about taking chances, chasing my dreams, and accomplishing my goals.

Thanks for stopping by!

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